What we do

The central focus of our project is to develop and implement a methodology for evaluating training programs for professional drivers in Europe. The evaluation process will ensure information from the field is flowing back to policy makers, program and course developers, trainers and employers. This will create a feedback loop that will ensure continuous improvement of training. The information that is gathered through the evaluation will be translated into actionable recommendations that will inform policy makers, developers and trainers alike to make choices on how to invest in the training programs and how to increase the quality and efficiency of the training provided.

Why we do it

Periodic training of professional drivers

European regulation imposes professional drivers of coaches, buses and trucks to dispose of a so called Certificate of Professional Competence (driver CPC). Every five years drivers have to complete 35 hours of mandatory training in order not to loose their certificate. The courses they have to follow treat a number of different themes, going from ecodrive, traffic regulations, safe loading of the cargo and ergonomics to communication with passengers.

The need for evaluation

In the early years of the CPC legislation, training institutions were mainly focused on producing sufficient output to allow drivers to retain their certificate. Today, improving training effectivenes is the main focus of their attention. However, lacking both formal test results and a view on workplace behavior, training center have no idea how effective their current programs really are, nor can they evaluate the impact of any reform or other policy measure taken. Therefore they are in need of an evaluation methodology for their courses but lack sufficient knowledge to provide such a methodology on their own.

Project deliverables

Evaluation manual

During the project we will write a manual containing a tested evaluation methodology for the CPC training programs in Europe.

European Report
A European-wide report will be written containing recommendations on how European regulation can be amended to increase training effectiveness

National Reports
Every participating training center will receive a report with practical recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of its own training program and of the national legislation

How we do it

The strategy of the project is based on current academic knowledge about effectiveness of training in general and periodic training in particular.

Project Events

In order to keep the project going the team members meet online every month and have fysical meetings on regular occasions. Would you also like to be present at one of these meetings? Get in touch!

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